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Mad Lemon Bar Crawl

POWER HOUR or drink as much as you can in 90 minutes. Czech beer, red and white wine, fresh sangria, soft drinks + our friendly staff.

Drinking at La Loca bar means not only drinking, but meeting with people from all around the world. Do you also find 90 mins not sufficient?  Don´t worry. From La Loca we´ll take you on a crawl through 3 more great local bars, enjoy a welcome shot at each and final destination, dancing the night away at Prague´s famous five story club.

Evenings – this is when Green Lemon turns into Mad Lemon.

Join us DAILY at 9:30 pm at Mosaic House / La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE or call us: +420 774 936 434.

* You must be +18 to enjoy the Bar Crawl.

PRICE: 20eur/500czk