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About us

Green Lemon is a unique rental shop and tour provider located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. Established in April 2013, Green Lemon’s passion is meeting and bringing local life and culture to travelers from all around the world.

Our passion: Your destination

While our Green Lemon team comes from all different backgrounds, what unites us is our passion for people and our devotion to sharing the-gem-of-a-city in which we live and work. Prague, at least according to us, is one of the greatest destinations in the world! We’re excited to share it with you. At Green Lemon, we’re all about playing (and less about hovering over our keyboards).

Our knowledge: Your guarantee

We have a combined over 45 years in travel and tourism. Read our short bios to learn more about our professional experience, what makes us tick and why we love our jobs.

Our business: Your experience

Working with travelers from around the world is our bread and butter. Offering Segway and Retro Bike rentals and walking tours in Prague (and beyond), we’ll take you on guided trips as well as to recommend interesting places to visit.
In addition to tours and rentals, we also organize daily, weekly, monthly and special events. We’ll bring local culture including artists, organizations and home-grown music to you! All you’ve gotta do is sit back, mingle and enjoy the entertainment.  

We’ll also assist with your questions, for instance:

• “I’d like to get to know Prague but unfortunately have only a short time. What are the must-sees?”
• “I’ll be visiting Prague for more than a week and I’d like to see cities other than Prague. What are your recommendations?”
• “I love to bike! Can you help me get to know Prague by pedal?”
• “I’m looking for action on a Wednesday night! Any tips?”

YOU NAME THE QUESTION, we have the answer!

Visit us: Come to Prague

If you’d like to get to know us better, visit us at Odboru 4 (Prague 2) in the Mosaic House lounge. Of course, feel free to contact us at any time by email or phone.
We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!