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The Lennon Wall, Worth the Visit in Prague

Lennon Wall (02/05/2015) (js) "by Jerzy Strzelecki - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall is a graffiti covered wall in Prague, Czech Republic. The artwork on the Wall dates back to the early 1980's when a portait of John Lennon was first painted on the Wall. The surrounding wall space was quickly filled in as visitors heeded the call and added their own art/graffiti as a tribute to John Lennon and his ideas for peace. During the Wall's early days it was seen as a monument to free speech and to the non-violent rebellion of the Czech youth against the communist regime. 

A group of Mosaic House guests taking their photo in front of the wall, courtesy of the author

Today the Wall is a popular destination where tourists and locals alike have their photographs taken against the colorful backdrop. The Wall continues to represent global ideals such as love and peace; visitors often paint peace symbols, quote the Beatles and write their names on the Wall. And as visitors are constantly adding to the Wall, it is continuously changing and the original portrait of Lennon has long since been lost to layers of new paint. 

A woman writing her name one the wall, courtesy of the author

On the 17th of November 2014, the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the Wall was painted over in white by a group of art students, leaving only the text "WALL IS OVER." The owners of the Wall originally wished to file charges against the group of students but dropped the charges after contacting them. The next day visitors swarmed to the Wall to restart the tribute to Lennon and in a few short days the Wall was almost fully covered again - the "WALL IS OVER" was changed to "WAR IS OVER." 

WAR IS OVER, 1 March 2015, courtesy of the author

The Wall is constantly changing and because of this, it is worth visiting often. 

Picture from Google Maps

The best way to get there would be to walk over from the Charles Bridge (it is on the west side), but you can take a tram if you prefer - the two closest stops are Malostranske Namesti and Hellichova on tram lines 12, 20 ,22, 57, and 91.
Bernie McCabe
Bernie McCabe