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Prague Cafes

Prague has its fair share or cafes. After all, that’s where the hip crowd used to hang out (and by hip crowd we mean people like Franz Kafka, obviously). So it’s no wonder that the ‘cafe culture’ is definitely a huge part of a typical Czech person’s life. And yes, the hip crowd still hangs out in cafes, even these days (in this case, hip = hipster... sorry, Franz!). Here are a few tips on where to go for a steaming cup of coffee. 

1. Mama Coffee
Vodičkova 6, Praha 2

We love this place - it’s cozy, the staff are super friendly and they serve their own Fairtrade coffee and tea. Also, it’s a non-smoking cafe, which is not always easy to find in Prague. And it’s only 5 minutes from Green Lemon! Did we mention we love this place? Oh, and it’s a really good lunch spot as well. Their soups are yummy!

2. Leica Gallery Prague Cafe
Školská 28, 110 00 Praha 1

Leica is a photography gallery as well as an awesome cafe quite close to Wenceslas Square. Despite its compact size, they’ve got a really good selection of drinks (get the elderberry lemonade!) and cakes. This place is a bit on the trendy/artsy side (kinda makes sense, right?) yet it still manages to feel cozy. And it’s definitely not a tourist hotspot. Bye bye Starbucks! ;)

3. Cafe Louvre
Národní 22, Praha 1, 110 00

No visit to Prague would be complete without a visit to Cafe Louvre. OK, that may not be entirely true, but we do love this old-school (literally - it was founded in 1902) cafe. It may look a bit posh but the prices are reasonable and it’s a perfect place for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. We also love the fact that Czechs love this place too (there’s nothing worse than a fake ‘authentic’ restaurant). If you drop by Cafe Louvre, be sure to sample the plum strudel! To. Die. For.

4. I Need Coffee
Na Moráni 7, 120 00 Praha

‘I Need Coffee’ is a brand new, ultra hip and ultra minimalistic cafe close to the Charles Square (so only about 10 minutes from Green Lemon). We love the modern design of the place, the simple menu (it’s all about quality - not quantity - here). It’s like a mini oasis in the center of Prague - we guarantee you’ll stay for more than one coffee.

5. Cafe Prádelna
Slavíkova 21, 120 00 Praha 3

We’re sharing this piece of information reluctantly... but this is one of our favourite hang-out places in Prague. Prádelna (‘Laundry’ in Czech) Cafe has only been open for less than 2 years and already it’s gained quite a following. It’s a really tiny place full of old furniture - really charming. Their homemade cakes are perfection and the same goes for the soups. FYI, it’s located quite close to Jiřího z Poděbrad, so it’s like 15 minutes by tram from Green Lemon. So worth it.